October 2012

LD12 Republican Party Endorses Jake Hoffman

Jake received the formal endorsement of the Arizona Legislative District 12 Republican Party in his race for the Higley Unified School District's Governing Board. Thank you LD12 Republicans for recognizing that Jake will bring strong, fiscally responsible principles to the Higley School District and fight for the best education possible for all of the children attending Higley schools. Vote Jake Hoffman on November 6th.

October 2012

Jake Wins Pre-Election Straw Poll

Jake was the top vote getter in the pre-election straw poll conducted amongst high efficacy Republican voters by the Arizona Legislative District 12 Republican Party. Thank you to all the PC's who cast their vote for me in the Higley school board straw poll. I am hopeful for the chance to positively impact the quality of our children's education while bringing accountability and transparency back to the process. Vote Jake Hoffman on November 6th.

September 2012

Jake Guest Lectures at Arizona State University

Jake guest lecturing at Arizona State University on the topic of Program Development and Implementation. Thank you to Mark Reavley for the invitation to speak and all of the students who expressed an interest in completing your internship with Jake in the coming semesters.

August 2012

Jake Hoffman Turns In Nominating Petitions

Jake made the drive to the Maricopa County Elections Office to turn in his nominating petitions. It’s official, Jake Hoffman will be on the November 6th ballot as a candidate for the Higley Unified School District Governing Board. Please take a minute to learn more about why Jake wants to fight for a better education for our children. Learn more HERE

August 2012

Jake Prints His First Campaign Sign

Jake designed and printed his very first campaign sign. He's reached his first milestone as a first time candidate. Next, it's all about meeting voters and securing support for the November 6th election. Please consider donating to help Jake fight for our children’s education. To donate to his campaign please contact Jake HERE.

August 2012

Jake Attends The Global Leadership Summit

Jake Hoffman had a great time learning new leadership techniques and strategies at the 2012 Global Leadership Summit. Jake had the opportunity to listen to insights from the experts like Condoleezza Rice, Jim Collins, Bill Hybels, Patrick Lencioni, William Ury and more.

April 2012

Jake & Family Attending Church At Central Christian Church Of The East Valley's Gilbert Campus

Jake, his wife Kim and their two children Tyler and McKenzie finishing up Sunday service at CCCEV-Gilbert before heading to Sunday breakfast and then home to do some good old fashioned DIY home improvements.

April 2012

Jake Puts On Fitness Field Day For Local School

Jake Hoffman had a wonderful time putting on a free Fitness Field Day for the first grade classrooms at Adams Elementary -- a local Title I school in Mesa. The day was meant to teach students the importance of staying active by playing outside while introducing them to basic fitness movements such as jumping jacks, squats, pushups and more.

March 2012

Jake Speaking To Group Of Young Professionals

Jake Hoffman discussing ‘best practices’ for leadership and management strategies with group of young professionals.

Priorities for Higley

District Culture

Higley has made some incredible strides towards becoming a world-class district and the district administration has done a good job managing the rapid growth we have seen... continue reading

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency and accountability are critical for Higley to continue excelling as it has in recent years. The governing board must hold themselves, district... continue reading

Smaller Class Sizes

Concisely put; our children are too important to let fail. If we continue down the current path of bigger and bigger class sizes, we will see no change in the statistics that show... continue reading

Respecting Teachers

My wife was asked by one of her first graders, “Why are you a teacher and not a doctor?” Kim chuckled at the directness of the question and then replied... continue reading

Parental Involvement

I stand for traditional family values, in that, parents are responsible for raising and rearing their children; this is not the job... continue reading

Applied Technology

New and developing technology should be heavily included in today’s public education curriculum. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of today’s grade school... continue reading

Eliminating Budgetary Waste

Board members must be constantly working with administration officials to identify and eliminate budgetary waste and unnecessary luxury spending. continue reading

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